Burlap Wine Bag best gift for this Christmas

Yes, I bought burlap. I was surprised, too. I was at Joann’s by myself, which can be an uncommon occurrence in and of it, and I spotted a whole shelf of holiday-themed, printed burlap. I had to back the cart up. I am not confident why, but I quickly thought of wine present bags. There have been a number of persons in line after me who overheard my conversation with the patient lady cutting my pile and they wound up getting burlap, too. I felt like I’d won something. I essentially have won something lately from the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day.

Burlap Wine Bag

This tutorial is so ridiculously easy I didn’t even take method images. I know! It really is as although I’ve had a temporary character transplant, mainly because as you could have noticed, I take pictures of anything. Never worry; it really is only a fleeting, Christmas prep moment. So here’s what you do: Invest in burlap. They even had TWO kinds of John Deere burlap. I restrained myself, even though Jason would have liked it. It was for wine. Granted, that may make for any very good disguise. But I digress. Take said burlap residence and reduce a 28 x 6″ rectangle. Fold it in half lengthwise with incorrect sides facing, and stitch the edges with 1/4″ seams. Insert wine. Reduce a 36″ piece of wide ribbon and tie a bow. To get a far more complicated project, you’ll be able to even fray the edges and top of the burlap just a little. I frayed only the major edge.

Burlap Wine Bag 2015

These bags have been created for an average-sized wine bottle: 12″ high using a circumference of 10″. Adjust as vital. The birds and vacation themes are cool, but I could not leave the mustaches behind. In the event you can assume of any other uses for mustache-printed burlap, I’d really like to hear it! I of course bought a lot of Burlap Wine Bag for this Christmas.

best Burlap Wine Bag

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