Jute Shopping Bags Benefits over Plastic Bags 2015

Jute shopping bags are always a enhanced choice when compared to their plastic. They are totally biodegradable, recyclable, reusable natural bags which do not cause any environmental threat when disposed in the open environs.If we all regularly use Jute shopping bags when we go shopping, we can help significantly reduce litter and pollution in both our local and the global environment.


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The fact that plastic is extremely harmful for our nature is quite well known these days. As a result, people are opting for substitute material like cotton, non woven materials and jute. Now the popularity of jute made products are increasing.Plastic is extremely harmful for our nature. As it is non bio degradable and can’t be recycled, it causes many a problems in nature. It obstructs drainage. It affects soil and thus farming. It is non reusable too.

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Advantage of Jute Shopping Bag:

Jute Shopping Bag is one of the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible shopping bag around.

  1. Jute Shopping Bag can be re-used several time and lift around 20 kg weight.
  2. Fully Natural process of making jute out of jute fiber to make Jute Bag.
  3. Fashionable / Natural look
  4. Jute grows organically without any pesticide or chemical fertilizer. No need for organic certification process which is very expensive as Jute is grown throughout world without any chemicals.
  5. Jute fiber is the second largest voluminous natural fiber in the world after cotton.
  6. Jute fiber is bio-degradable and sustainable fiber.
  7. Jute grows in the field and it is a sustainable product.
  8. Reduce the number of plastic bags used.


Advantages of using plastic bags:

  1. The durability, strength, low cost, water and chemicals resistance, welding properties, lesser energy and heavy chemicals requirements in manufacture, fewer atmosphere emissions and light weight are advantages of plastic bags.
  2. Plastic bags can be incinerated in appropriate facilities for waste-to-energy. Plastic bags are stable and benign in sanitary landfills
  3. Plastic carrier bags can be reused as trash bags or bin bags.



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