Ways of using jute rope we should know

10 amazing ways of using jute rope we should know

Using jute rope is not limited to the conventional means of thinking which is only to tie the bundle of stuffs or anything else so strictly. It has become an essential part that is used for decoration, furniture, household stuffs and so on. The demand of good quality and eco-friendly jute ropes are gradually increasing. Now, have a look on the following innovative ideas.

 Ways of using jute rope we should know

Classy rope shelves:

To decorate something nicely is obviously a daunting job. However, if we use our sense of humor a little bit more than we usually do, we can finish it easily with cheap cost. Yes, obviously we can create a colorful and eye-catching rope shelves that will draw the attention of everyone around you. These types of selves are suitable for the guys who frequently rearrange their furniture.

Wonderful rope basket:

There will hardly be found anyone who don’t love colorful basket. If we want we can create it at our home instead of going outside to purchase it. This is mostly suitable when we go for recreational activities with our dear ones far from our home.

Colorful vase:

This is another creative idea of being appreciated by the people who have a penchant for adopting the ways of nice decoration by rope vase.

Lovely coasters:

Cute small coasters go excellently with your table and that coasters bring variations. Sometimes a simple effort can change the total view that can entice the eye of the beholder.

Astounding hammock:

This looks pretty much charming that attracts almost all of us. It is also suitable for taking a short nap after coming from workplace in the gloomy cold evening when our exhausted mind really need a break from all activities.

Beautiful Bowls:

This may make us surprised to know that Pretty bowls can be created by using simple jute ropes and hot glue. We can apply those stuffs to create such a stunning bowls according to our choice and preference.

Splendid rope Rug:

How many of we can think of making eye-catching attractive rug for our everyday use with jute rope. A creative mind will certainly choose to have it for enhancing the room decoration. Diverse usages of ropes in our everyday life are an evidence of the requirement of this essentials material.

Elegant tote bags:

This is what we look for everywhere whenever we need to go for shopping. Among several types of bags we select our desired one. Interesting matter jute rope can also be used for making bags which is the most vital things of our day to day life.

Rope Wall:

An amazing alternative of any other kind of wall is jute made rope wall. Just imagine a room made by vividly colored ropes where you are staying right now. This will make anyone cheerful.

Hanging Rope Beds:

Although we generally don’t think of a hanging bed for our rooms but who really want to bring a unique look in their room can apply this method.

Actually,Praiseworthy activities and creations do not always require costly materials. This is simply possible by the things we really don’t consider as essential objects for doing the task we really want. Jute ropes are kind of quality products we can use for so many purposes.


How to use Burlap Ribbons

How to use Burlap Ribbons for nice decorations?

Sometimes it makes us fascinated to see creative beautification by using simple materials. Yes, it happens with almost all of us. We always think about the idea planners who have the mastery on doing those artistic adornments of the things we ignorantly left out here and there. But, one thing is certain that all time we don’t have to become the architects of innovative designs. The availability of so many concepts gives us the courage to beautify the stuffs around us according to our wish. There is no doubt that it is possible only by Burlap Ribbons. Now, let’s have a look on the various ways of making awesome ornamentation.

How to use Burlap Ribbons

Burlap Pillow Designs:

True to say, it is really adorable and lovely thing. Almost everyone wish to prettify their living rooms with colorful pillows. It will be great if we use Burlap ribbons that will unquestionably give an amazing look to the pillows as well as the ambiance. This is really a great notion to do this task because this product is flexible, light, reusable and also durable. There are different shapes and colors available at our nearby shops. We just need to pick the right color that will go with other stuffs of my living room.

Stunning Burlap Vase:

This is another innovative means of trimming. We just need to select a suitable size and shape of a vase type open cans that can be garlanded by various colors. Next step is to put this somewhere in our room. This will definitely give an extra extent of gorgeous appearance that should be appreciated by everyone. If an easy and single step can make someone’s mood blithe then we should go for the carefree effort that can also make us happy.

Gorgeous Burlap Curtains:

This is a unique and brand-new preparation for making a room fabulous. Burlap ribbons used for curtains are really great concept especially for those who seek distinctiveness. Curtain is something that defines how a room will look like. Although, color is important but I think material is the most significant. Now, this is our turn to change the lovely house adorning with such an elegant curtain.

Pretty Handbags:

Burlap Ribbons can also be used for shaping and redesigning our favorite casual hand bags. There are various types of bags with diverse vividly shaded colors. We just have to do some little effort by attaching small flowers or something else made by Burlap ribbons on the bags.

Ornamentation of Christmas tree:

This is only possible by Burlap ribbons that will certainly be praiseworthy and the expression of everyone must be ‘wow’. We put lots of energy with lots of happiness to adorn our lovely Christmas tree. If we want to add some extra value on it we can use this ribbon without any hesitation.

Actually, people are inherently passionate about beauty. Prettiness can strengthen the positive impression within a moment. We must not ignore the importance of beautifying or adorning everything around us as well as ourselves. The thing is, we can do this with the most available and reliable as well as convenient materials like Burlap Ribbons.

Factors we must consider before purchasing jute made Christmas bags

We all linger for a happy day that comes at the end of the year to enjoy as well as to rejuvenate our mind. Yes, this is a day of Christmas when we stay busy to adorn ourselves charmingly to be appreciated by everybody including friends, family and acquaintances. Everywhere when we see colorful, eye catching lighting and decoration we simply forget about the prosaic cold weather. At the time of making preparation we can’t forget to go for shopping to buy everything we always crave for. This time jute made Christmas bag should be added in our shopping list to make the list worthy because of its following distinctive feature:

jute christmas bag 2016

Jute Bag is available in so many sizes and shapes:

Its attractive color with different shape cajoles the eyes of everyone. There is hardly found anyone who does not wish to purchase such a wonderful stylish bag that meets almost all purposes. The material of jute bag is flexible enough to manufacture variety of sizes and to give an appealing shape. So this occasion, we won’t forget to have such a bag that is going to make us look gorgeous!

Easy to carry:

What happens when we can’t carry our bags we buy after giving so much effort to choose the best one? Jute bag can be a perfect alternative of all other good looking but tough to carry type’s bags. This is able to serve both purposes. Furthermore jute bag is graceful and thin and do not have heavy weight. That’s why people of all age prefer to use jute bags. This will be more useful on the coming occasion of Christmas.

This is affordable to everyone:

Christmas occasion requires lots of things to reconsider. One thing we should keep in our mind is affordability. Whatever we are going to purchase will have to go with our fixed budget. Buying a jute bag for Christmas event will be the right choice especially for the folks who are judgmental in the sense of logic. An affordable pretty bag in the Christmas could bring the praise that can’t be purchased by high prices all the time.

This bag is popular for its durability:

Quality ensures durability and this comments match with jute bags. When someone purchases bags after selecting this among so many alternatives he or she hopes to select it to use those bags for a long day. This proves true for the bags made by jute materials. The Christmas jute bag for the event will bring the satisfaction of choosing the right product for everyone.

This is also eco-friendly:

This is the biggest concern for each and every individual now a day. Jute bag has brought the solution of this problem. The raw material of jute bag is purely natural and eco-friendly.

Finally, I would like to say that Fashion conscious folks always hunt for the trendy and contemporary attire and belongings that can make them unique and praiseworthy. This is simply perfect from all aspect. I wish everyone will enjoy the Christmas day with their newly purchased colorful jute bags.

Why we need to Use the Eco-Friendly jute shopping bag – jutebagbd.com

Bags for life are reusable jute shopping bags that will take the place of plastic or paper bags in the money register. They’re lightweight, biodegradable and non-disposable but created with strong all-natural or synthetic materials. Jute Bags for life are made use of for a lot more points than caring about groceries. Organizations prefer to use them as a technique to promote merchandise and events. The additional instances that jute shopping bag is employed, the extra probabilities that other individuals get to determine it. This is very advantageous for companies. Store owners have located that individuals will obtain reusable shopping bags more frequently if these bags are presented within a way that makes them far more fashionable sturdy and sensible. As a result, they are offered in distinct styles and types and they show many important messages.

The Supplies Employed:

Reusable buying jute shopping bags are produced with supplies like Jute Christmas Bags, non-woven polypropylene, woven polypropylene, canvas or cotton. Cotton carrier bags are low-cost and offered in many distinct colors, designs and types. These bags come in organic cotton also. Jute carrier bags are also quite well-liked. Jute is organic vegetable fiber that is certainly soft and shiny. Just like cotton it’s also a really inexpensive material. It’s a durable, which makes it an ideal option for producing bags that are made use of to get a lifetime. Canvas carrier bags have the same qualities as the other bags with regards to durability and price. They’re a fantastic choice for any person who must carry bulky products that weight a great deal.

Are They Eco- Friendly?

Several persons are concerned regarding the influence that plastic bags have around the environment. Even so, it requires much more energy to generate a reusable shopping bag than it does a plastic buying bag. But if a reusable bag is used at the very least 1 time per week there could be no really need to use 52 plastic bags per year. This logic falls right in line having a report that was done by the UK Environment Agency. The report stated that the typical cotton bag was utilized at the very least 51 occasions before it was tossed into the trash. On the other hand, paper bags might be used just 3 instances and they are viewed as eco-friendly products. All in all studies show that all carrier bags will have to be utilized various occasions in order that producing them will not have bad impact of the environment.

What Are the Possible Dangers?

Essentially, they may be a great investment, and they don’t trigger harm for the common public. But is has been shown that reusable purchasing bags can carry hazardous bacteria if they are not washed on a regular basis. That is especially true if shoppers carry raw meats in these bags and they don’t effectively separate their groceries. Having said that, a lot of those bags are washable and durable, which means that this danger is eliminated any time the bags are washed.

Why Use Printed Carrier Bags

Quite a few grocers and retailers place their logos on reusable shopping bags and they come to be printed carrier bags. This his is the reason quite a few of these businesses are encouraging clients to embrace the green life and pick out reusable buying bags as opposed to disposable plastic bags. This explains why reusable bags are gaining in reputation. There are even shops that give their shoppers discounts if they buy printed carrier bags as an alternative to plastic bags. To go even additional some stores require their shoppers to bring their own reusable bags, and if these prospects nonetheless decide on to utilize plastic bags they need to pay a small charge to put their purchased goods in paper bags.

Can A Carrier Bag Be A Fashion Item?

Not simply do bags for life have optimistic impact on the atmosphere, but a lot of them are considered to be style statements due to the fact they may be available in distinct colors, designs, sizes, components and designs. For some purchasing a reusable bag is both a fashion statement and a strategy to save the environment. Numerous from the bags have thought provoking statements on the exterior about environmental topics. But bags for life are also really fashionable and sophisticated enough to carry to work and also other crucial events.

In conclusion, bags for life are reusable shopping bags which have various utilize. Both enterprises and individuals obtain them to become incredibly valuable. They may be made with numerous beautiful supplies that are style forward, and they can support and save the environment overall.

Benefits for using Jute shopping Bag 2016

Buying Bags Made From Eco Friendly Jute:

Gone are the days when jute bags had been not liked by folks because of the fancy and stylish appears of plastic bags. But now the look from the jute bags has changed as much as a big extent and now people appreciate to make use of them as purchasing bags. They are available in the array of stylish designs, amazing prints, good quality fabric and beautiful colors and, therefore, can compete with any other contemporary bags regardless of whether it really is plastic bags, cotton bags, paper bags or whatever.

These days the jute goods manufacturers happen to be generating fancy and trendy buying jute bags which look attractive and are excellent for all of your shopping desires. Made together with the fine good quality jute fiber, newest fashion trends, beautiful colors, fabulous prints, appealing styles, and beautiful colors make them acceptable by many of the people today.

Jute bag bd

Even most style savvy persons have already been using these jute buying bags. The other explanation behind the recognition of those purchasing jute bags is definitely the environmental issues, a lot of government and authorities have banned plastic bags thus producing way for the eco-friendly jute bags. Jute is entirely biodegradable and, therefore, does not harm our environment in any manner. To get jute purchasing bags in wholesale or retail or for extra info on jute purchasing bags, you’ll be able to pay a visit to here.


Fancy Grocery Bags Produced From Jute:

Everybody knows the importance of grocery bags especially ladies along with the ones who look right after all kitchen and property chores. These bags play an extremely critical role in our property and kitchen to bring vegetables, and other grocery goods & items. Keeping all requires & requirements with the individuals, we manufacture different kinds of jute grocery bags in attractive designs, desirable prints, and beautiful colors so that they look trendy, stylish and amazing.


We manufacture different sizes of jute grocery bags which you’ll be able to buy from our online shopping website as per you requires. We provide small, medium size and significant size grocery bags to cater your all demands. Our high excellent machines and skilled handicraft artisans produce varieties of these bags in different styles & colors with great finishing.


As a result of the harmful effects of the plastic bags, such eco-friendly jute grocery bags are in much demand today, I will also suggest you go for these environment-friendly bags to carry your grocery items. For additional info on jute made grocery bags take a look at here.


Jute Bags in Stylish Designs & Colors:

Due to increasing environmental problems caused by the plastic & poly bags, the role of jute has increased. And that is why we have also started to contribute in making our planet green and eco-friendly, by manufacturing eco-friendly jute bags which can cater different desires of the consumers.

Our handicraft artisans are the expert in the art of producing appealing & fashionable jute bags which are available in different colors, designs, and sizes. We also manufacture jute bags using the help of latest machines to give excellent finishing look so that they can look more stylish, fancy and trendy.

The jute bags manufactured by us can compete with any kind of modern bags like poly bags, cotton bags, paper bags, etc. While manufacturing these bags we keep in mind essential things like top quality with the jute fiber, most current trend, shiny look, requires on the persons, etc. so that we can give you the best of the best jute bags.

Jute bag bd

We manufacture & supply different types of jute bags in wholesale which you may see on our website (www.jutebagbd.com). To buy or to know far more about different types of jute bags check out here http://jutebagbd.com/product-category/jute-shopping-bag/ .

Jute for Making Home Green and Eco Friendly jute bag 2015

In case you are asking yourself to give an edgy and eco-friendly touch for your living room and spunk it up with all the ethnic jute artifacts, which are readily available in diversified colors and captivating patterns in the market. Jute is definitely an indigenous plant of South Asia which includes India and Bangladesh, which is cultivated around the Ganges river delta close to near the price of Bay of Bengal. This plant can be a rich supply of organic fiber and chromatic in color. It would like to splash on synthetic decorative articles and then jute merchandise serves your purpose extremely properly.

Carpets and Rugs Made From Jute for Residence:

The standard jute carpets and jute rugs configured with intricate artistry will give an urban flavor for your floor. 1 has the decision of possessing custom-made carpet with customized contours and imperial shades. Benefit from these jute commodities which can be hugely low-priced and maintenance absolutely free. The interior purchasing complexes, especially the flea markets of various cities in the country are actively participating in commercializing the jute company.

Jute rugs for living space:

They provide a plethora of customized jute merchandises that are minutely detailed and artfully completed to provide an even-textured experience. Embroidered or hand woven in innumerable patterns of braids checks and spirals, they shape up in circles, ovals, squares, rectangles rounds and runners.

Adding Charm for your House by Jute Furniture and Furnishings:

Independent from the dangerous chemical substances, jute is 100% all-natural and Eco-friendly as everyone knows. It is also speedily stroking the taste of modern shoppers. You are able to come across the traditional wooden and metallic furnishings being replaced by a deluxe jute piece that adds for your favored space. Admired for their strength, this furniture?

Jute furnishings:

In jute furniture,  you are able to opt for from chairs, bed, transportable bed, folding bed, hammocks, decorative curtains, room divider, stools, lawn chairs, lawn tables, table mats, sofa, and so forth.

Jute Artifacts, Crafts and also other Decorative Merchandise for Home:

Jute artifacts and crafts are an extremely good solution to offer exclusive, gorgeous and classic look to a house. Wall hangings for walls, door hangings, colorful flowers and flower pots, photo frames, table lamps, and so on. Are many of the decorative issues produced from jute which is usually applied in any dwelling to offer a distinctive and edgy touch? Stunning jute produced decorative issues which you could also take into consideration for the home, under are some far more example which might be regarded for our residence.

Jute Bags to Carry Groceries for Property:

You’ll find a lot of solutions inside the market for cool jute bags which can replace plastic and poly bags up to a sizable extent. As an example, you are able to come across grocery bags, buying bags, sacks in cool styles, fantastic textures and wonderful colors which could be utilized for a variety of goal in our home. And these bags are substantially stronger and lengthy lasting than plastic bags, paper bags and cotton bags. To see complete range and varieties of unique varieties of jute bags stop by this page.

Jute made bags:

Apart from Jute Carpets, Jute Rugs, Jute Furniture, jute furnishings and jute crafts these all-natural fibers are also shaped in various of other house decor  cushion covers, table-mats, table covers, tea cozies, wall hangings and quite a few extra. That is certainly how distinct types of jute merchandise can contribute to your property not just stylish but eco-friendly too.

Know Before Embarking On Jute For Making Home Green And Eco Friendly.

In case you are wondering to provide an edgy and eco-friendly touch for your living room and spunk it up with all the ethnic jute artifacts, which are accessible in diversified colors and captivating patterns within the industry. Jute is definitely an indigenous plant of South Asia which includes India and Bangladesh, which is cultivated around the Ganges river delta near the price of Bay of Bengal. This plant is usually a wealthy source of organic fiber and chromatic in color. For those who don’t? It desire to splash revenue on synthetic decorative articles, then jute merchandise serves your purpose incredibly well.

jute Christmas bag

Carpets and Rugs Created From Jute for Residence

The standard jute carpets and jute rugs configured with intricate artistry will give an urban flavor for your floor. 1 has the decision of getting custom-made carpet, with personalized contours and imperial shades. Benefit from these jute commodities which can be hugely low-priced and maintenance totally free. The interior buying complexes, specifically the flea markets of unique cities within the nation are actively participating in commercializing the jute organization.

Jute rugs for living space:

They offer a plethora of customized jute merchandises, which are minutely detailed and artfully completed to give an even-textured expertise. Embroidered or hand woven in innumerable patterns of braids, checks and spirals, they shape up in circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, rounds and runners.

Adding Charm to your Household by Jute Furniture and Furnishings

Independent in the damaging chemicals, jute is 100% natural and Eco-friendly as everyone knows. Jute furniture’s are also speedily stroking the taste of modern day customers. You’ll be able to come across the traditional wooden and metallic furnishings getting replaced by a deluxe jute piece that adds for your preferred space. Admired for their strength, this furniture?

Jute furnishings:

In jute furnishings and furnishings you are able to choose from chairs, bed, transportable bed, folding bed, hammocks, decorative curtains, room divider, stools, lawn chairs, lawn tables, table mats, sofa, etc.

Jute Artifacts, Crafts along with other Decorative Goods for Household

Jute artifacts and crafts are a really good alternative to provide stunning and classic look to a residence. Wall hangings for walls, door hangings, colorful flowers and flower pots, photo frames, table lamps, and so on. A few of the decorative items created from jute which is usually utilized in any residence to give a one of a kind and edgy touch. Beautiful jute produced decorative items which you’ll be able to also take into consideration for your home, under are some a lot more example which can be thought of for our residence:

Dolls, Santa Claus, made from jute:

Animal toys like horse, elephant, zebra, tiger, cat, dog, and so forth.
Stationery items like pen-pencil pot, stationery organizer, and so on.
Ceiling hangings? Decorative objects which might be hanged from ceiling

Jute furnishing

These jute artifacts and crafts are manufactured in smaller and medium houses, by gifted nearby craftsman, who experience inside the art of jute crafts generating. It really is incumbent on our aspect to highlight and recognize these masterpieces in the international arena to encourage the genuine artistry.

Jute Bags to Carry Groceries for Home

You can find a lot of selections inside the marketplace for cool jute bags which can replace plastic and poly bags up to a big extent. One example is you’ll be able to locate grocery bags, shopping bags, sacks in cool designs, superb textures and wonderful colors which are often used for different purpose in our house. And these bags are substantially stronger and long-lasting than plastic bags, paper and cotton bags. To find out complete variety and varieties of different varieties of jute bags check out this web page.

Jute produced bags

Aside from Jute Carpets, Jute Rugs, Jute Furniture’s, jute furnishings and jute crafts these all-natural fibers are also shaped in mesmerizing range of other household decor solutions which include cushion covers, table-mats, table covers, tea cozies, wall hangings and several more. That is how different sorts of jute merchandise can contribute to produce your home not merely fashionable but eco-friendly too. For more information on distinctive forms of jute goods & solutions for household stop by here.

Burlap & Ribbon Wine Bag reviews 2015

If you recall my earlier Speedy N Straightforward Prima Bead Hostess Gift project, I have another super rapid and effortless DIY project to share right now that helps wrap that project up. And who does not enjoy to provide and acquire gifts inside a quite package? …ps…make sure you study all of the strategy to the end for any possibility to win a fabulous present package!

Burlap Wine Bag

This was almost certainly one particular of the quickest projects I’ve ever place collectively. I used a fabulous raw burlap wine bag from Canvas Corp and dressed it up with some stunningly gorgeous Might Arts Ribbon. I love the appear of burlap in virtually any kind and I’ll admit I enjoy the way burlap smells. Weird, huh? Even though the bag could have completed a terrific job on its personal, I decided that some shimmery ribbon from Could Arts ribbon would dress it up for the holidays and make this a make it a full hostess gift.

Burlap Wine Bag

I employed a 2/8” silver ribbon to dress the prime with no sewing. I just glued it directly towards the burlap.

Burlap Wine Bag

For the bottom bow, I glued a strip of 1 1/2” metallic ribbon directly about the bottom. I made use of my super effortless Craft-Dee Bowz to make this multi-looped bow. It took just a handful of seconds to wrap and tie the bow with an extra minute to fluff it out. Again, I just glued this straight for the silver ribbon strip. All with each other, I think it came out seriously great, but the majority of all, it was another Rapid N Straightforward DIY gift project for the holidays.

Burlap Wine Bag

Are you generating any handmade gifts for the holidays? When you are, I also invite you to check out Susan K Weckesser’s Christmas Love Campaign and her Design and style Team’s Hand-Made Christmas projects. There are many prize packages being provided throughout the Holiday Season.

And in the spirit of giving, we’re providing our Fans and Pals a chance to win a prize package from Ranger Ink possibly containing such goodies as stencils, aprons, Distress Inks, pens, & ink pads. Each bag will be different. So, what do you have to do to win?

I am so excited to see what everyone is creating and it’s so much fun to read about each of the handmade gifts becoming shared this year!

Burlap Wine Bag best gift for this Christmas

Yes, I bought burlap. I was surprised, too. I was at Joann’s by myself, which can be an uncommon occurrence in and of it, and I spotted a whole shelf of holiday-themed, printed burlap. I had to back the cart up. I am not confident why, but I quickly thought of wine present bags. There have been a number of persons in line after me who overheard my conversation with the patient lady cutting my pile and they wound up getting burlap, too. I felt like I’d won something. I essentially have won something lately from the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day.

Burlap Wine Bag

This tutorial is so ridiculously easy I didn’t even take method images. I know! It really is as although I’ve had a temporary character transplant, mainly because as you could have noticed, I take pictures of anything. Never worry; it really is only a fleeting, Christmas prep moment. So here’s what you do: Invest in burlap. They even had TWO kinds of John Deere burlap. I restrained myself, even though Jason would have liked it. It was for wine. Granted, that may make for any very good disguise. But I digress. Take said burlap residence and reduce a 28 x 6″ rectangle. Fold it in half lengthwise with incorrect sides facing, and stitch the edges with 1/4″ seams. Insert wine. Reduce a 36″ piece of wide ribbon and tie a bow. To get a far more complicated project, you’ll be able to even fray the edges and top of the burlap just a little. I frayed only the major edge.

Burlap Wine Bag 2015

These bags have been created for an average-sized wine bottle: 12″ high using a circumference of 10″. Adjust as vital. The birds and vacation themes are cool, but I could not leave the mustaches behind. In the event you can assume of any other uses for mustache-printed burlap, I’d really like to hear it! I of course bought a lot of Burlap Wine Bag for this Christmas.

best Burlap Wine Bag

Jute Shopping Bags Benefits over Plastic Bags 2015

Jute shopping bags are always a enhanced choice when compared to their plastic. They are totally biodegradable, recyclable, reusable natural bags which do not cause any environmental threat when disposed in the open environs.If we all regularly use Jute shopping bags when we go shopping, we can help significantly reduce litter and pollution in both our local and the global environment.


timthumb (1)

timthumb (2)

The fact that plastic is extremely harmful for our nature is quite well known these days. As a result, people are opting for substitute material like cotton, non woven materials and jute. Now the popularity of jute made products are increasing.Plastic is extremely harmful for our nature. As it is non bio degradable and can’t be recycled, it causes many a problems in nature. It obstructs drainage. It affects soil and thus farming. It is non reusable too.

timthumb (2)

Advantage of Jute Shopping Bag:

Jute Shopping Bag is one of the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible shopping bag around.

  1. Jute Shopping Bag can be re-used several time and lift around 20 kg weight.
  2. Fully Natural process of making jute out of jute fiber to make Jute Bag.
  3. Fashionable / Natural look
  4. Jute grows organically without any pesticide or chemical fertilizer. No need for organic certification process which is very expensive as Jute is grown throughout world without any chemicals.
  5. Jute fiber is the second largest voluminous natural fiber in the world after cotton.
  6. Jute fiber is bio-degradable and sustainable fiber.
  7. Jute grows in the field and it is a sustainable product.
  8. Reduce the number of plastic bags used.


Advantages of using plastic bags:

  1. The durability, strength, low cost, water and chemicals resistance, welding properties, lesser energy and heavy chemicals requirements in manufacture, fewer atmosphere emissions and light weight are advantages of plastic bags.
  2. Plastic bags can be incinerated in appropriate facilities for waste-to-energy. Plastic bags are stable and benign in sanitary landfills
  3. Plastic carrier bags can be reused as trash bags or bin bags.